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PM Modi invites world to India: Come and invest in my country
Posted on: 24-01-2018 , 01:16:PM | DY365 Bureau

 Picture Courtesy: NDTV.com

 January 24, 2018: Making a case for eliminating rifts and differences to build a new world order, PM Narendra Modi Tuesday flagged the rising threat of protectionism, saying that a new layer of tariff and non-tariff barriers were being erected with countries increasingly focusing inward. 

Speaking at the World Economic Forum on his first visit to Davos, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in 20 years, Modi also pitched for India as an investment destination, emphasising on efforts to improve the ease of doing business. “We have made it so easy to invest in India, manufacture in India and work in India. We have decided to uproot licence and permit Raj. We are replacing red tape with red carpet,” he said in his keynote address on the opening day of the WEF.

Highlighting how technology was influencing the way we work and live today, the Prime Minister said, “He who is able to control data will control the world.”

“We have to accept that globalisation is losing lustre with the intention being to reverse the natural flow of globalisation, and forces of protectionism are raising their heads again,” he said, while addressing the audience of global CEOs and other leaders, including the President of Switzerland.

Opting to speak in Hindi, in a speech that lasted over 40 minutes, Modi referred to fractures in the global scenario. “Is our global order widening these fault lines and increasing differences? What are the powers which give preference to conflicts over co-operation and what are the paths we can follow to eliminate rifts and differences,” he said, underlying the need to realise the dream of a shared future, which is one of the themes at this WEF edition.

Highlighting the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam (world is one family)”, Modi said that resolution of conflict was a way of life in India

“The essence of a family is that everyone comes together in solidarity. It is a matter of concern that strife among nations has made the challenges complex and harder… The challenge we face is daunting,” he said.

Like Chinese President Xi Jinping, who pushed for more open trade last year, Modi said the answer was not isolationism but formulating flexible policies in times of need.

The Prime Minister went on to list three major challenges for the world: climate change, terrorism and a growing number of countries now looking inwards.  

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