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New Research says, Having Your Dinner Late At Night Causes Weight Gain
Posted on: 06-01-2018 , 02:54:PM | DY365 Bureau

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 Meal timings may really affect your overall health as well as induce weight gain, says a new study.

In this fast paced world and high pressure jobs, maintaining a constant timing for our daily meals has become a distant dream.

Today, almost all of us eat dinner after 9pm because eating any time earlier often just isn’t practical.

But, are you aware that eating a heavy meal after 9pm is also one of the major causes of weight gain.


How late night meals contribute to weight gain?


Over the years, research has time and again shown that people who eat meals late at night tend to be more susceptible to weight gain than those who consume all of their meals early. One study found that people who consume most of their food at night have a higher BMI, while another that appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those eating meals in the wee hours, between 11pm to 5am experienced above average weight gain.

The main reason of weight gain occurs when you ingest more calories than that which can be easily burnt by your body.

Generally, majority of the working people after a late dinner directly goes to bed without giving time to the body to burn the calories.

Sleeping induces rest to not only your mind and spirit but also your organs of the body. During which, the digestive system tends to slow down.

When we eat at night, it’s usually after a stressful day and we land up overeating because food choices are driven more by boredom and stress, rather than by hunger. This means that if you eat after 9pm there is a higher risk of consuming more calories than you need. This results in a buildup of fat. Psychological factors however, are not the only cause of weight gain from late night eating.



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