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Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea ..... Know about the various types of Tea
Posted on: 06-04-2017 , 12:20:PM | DY365 Bureau

 Courtesy namhah.com

The state of Assam is the world's largest tea-growing region. There are many varieties of tea available. Tea is generally categorized into 4 different types:






White Tea

White teas are made by drying the buds of the tea plant that grows on the high mountain ranges. Tiny silver hairs that cover the buds give the tea a white appearance.

Green Tea

Green teas are heat treated to destroy any enzymes that would react with the oxygen in the air and cause the leaf to ferment or oxidize. Green teas are therefore known as unfermented or unoxidized teas. Heat is either applied by steaming or roasting. This is followed by rolling and then drying in large dryers to remove the balance water content.

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are semi-fermented or semi-oxidized tea. For making of Oolong Tea, the leaves are first wilted for four or five hours in direct sunlight or in warm air inside the factory to remove some of the water content. The leaves are then rolled after which they are fermented. The duration of the fermentation is very important and will depend on the experience of the maker to extract maximum flavor. Once the desired fermentation has been achieved the leaves are finally dried.


Black Tea

Black teas are completely fermented teas. The leaves are first withered to remove a quarter of the water content and then rolled and fermented multiple times till the leaves are completely fermented. After this the leaves are dried to remove the balance water content.


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